Can I remove the 'Entry name' field?

The 'Entry name' field is a system requirement and must be completed when creating an entry. This can, however, be renamed for greater relevance for your program. For example, your program may be collecting applications, submission, or nominations and, therefore, the 'Entry name' field would be better if labelled 'Application name', 'Submission name', or 'Nominee's name'.

There are two options allowing you to rename the 'Entry name' system field label: 

  1. Interface text override
  2. Category advanced setting

Interface text override 

This option allows you to change the default 'Entry name' label, effecting your entry form regardless of the category chosen by the entrant.

To rename the 'Entry name' label:

  1. Go to Settings > Content > Interface text 
  2. Search for Entry name
  3. Insert your preferred wording into the text field (i.e. what you want to replace 'Entry name' with)
  4. Save
Tip: you can also add help text with more information by selecting Entry name field help text. The help text will appear as a circle with a question mark which the user can click to open. This 'help text' is not category-specific, so the tip you provide using the 'Help text' should be generic to suit any of your categories. 

Category advanced setting 

This option allows you to rename the 'Entry name' system field but only for a selected category. This means you can have a different 'Entry name' label for each category if you wish. If you only change the 'Entry name' label for a small selection of your categories, then all other categories will default to either 'Entry name' or your 'interface text override' if used. 

To rename the 'Entry name' label specific to a category:

  1. Go to Settings > Entries > Category 
  2. Select your category name
  3. Open the Advanced (tab)
  4. Add the value you want into the Entry name label line
  5. Save

Before & After examples of changing the 'Entry name' field

Before selecting the category After selecting the category
Category_EntryNameLabel_EntryForm1.png Category_EntryNameLabel_EntryForm2.png 

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