Create sub-categories


You can create parent-child category relationships, allowing you to set up a list of categories as subcategories.

The first thing we need to do, to create a parent category, is to create the parent category as a standard category. Once done, it will then become selectable as a parent category when creating the child categories.

Here is an example of what a Parent/Child category looks like from the Entry form:


Step 1: Create the parent category

  1. Go to Settings > Entries > Categories
  2. Click New category
  3. Create the parent category like you would with any other category, giving it a name in the Category name field
    • Tip: There is no need for a description or sponsor images as they're not used/displayed with parent categories
    • If you have chapters, make sure all relevant chapters are selected
  4. Click Save

Step 2: Assign category to parent category

  1. From the category list view, click on the name of the category you want to assign to the parent category
  2. Select parent category in the Parent category field
  3. Click Save and repeat for the other categories

Example: A parent and child category from the Category configuration screen




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