Can I add a pixel or tracking code to my account?


Tracking codes or pixels can be added globally to your account. Please contact support with the code you wish to add. 

Once submitted, our engineers will review the code and, if approved, will be added it to your account and be visible under Settings > General > Social (tab).

Our default behaviour is to put this code in the footer, as it delays javascript load time to the end of the page, enhancing user experience of Award Force.

While we don't recommend it, we can add the code instead to the header on request (dependent on code review).

Note: The code is added to all pages of your account through either the header or footer. It is not possible to have the code loaded only on some pages. As a SaaS system we cannot accommodate individual requests.

Important: If you are using Cookie consent (required for GDPR), your tracking codes or pixels will not be loaded until the user explicitly consents to the relevant cookie type.

The user does this by checking the relevant cookie type checkbox when registering for, or first visiting your program. This is opt-in is an important part of GDPR compliance. 

Please see What do the cookie options mean? for more information.