Fund management overview


For grant and funding application programs, Award Force's fund management features help program managers control the awarding of funds to successful applicants, from one or more funds/budgets.

Create a fund

Multiple fund or grant budgets can be created to manage different grant sources.

  1. Go to Funding > Funds
  2. Click New fund
  3. Give the fund a name and optional description
  4. Set the fund currency and budget limit
  5. Save

In the Funds list view, you will always have an overview of the total funds currently allocated per fund and the remaining available budget.

Note that funds are not seasonal, they persist independently of the season. If you have e.g. an annual grant budget, you can create a new fund budget each year, naming it accordingly.

Allocate funds

Program managers may allocate funds to successful applications/entries. Note that terms used here may have been adjusted on your account.

  1. Go to Entries > Manage entries
  2. Find and click on an entry to allocate funds to
  3. Scroll down to the Fund allocation panel and click Add allocation
  4. Select the Fund to allocate from, enter the Amount and Save
  5. You can make multiple allocations to an entry/application, from the same or different funds

Fund allocation reports

  • For an overview and reporting on allocations made, go to Funding > Allocations.
  • You can search and filter allocations, e.g. by Category, Fund or Tag (from tags on an entry).
  • Export an Excel or CSV report of allocations from top right below the search control. Note that exports will always follow the search and filter selection currently active.

Fund management is a new feature in Award Force. We invite your feedback and suggestions for improvements you would like to see, that will help you to better manage your budgets and fund allocations. Send us a support ticket, with any comments.



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